Nioh 2 development is complete as the game goes gold

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have announced that Nioh 2 is now gold.

The Japanese developer has completed development on the 2017 soulslike’s follow up, so there are no more obstacles ahead for the March 13, 2020 release.

『仁王2』公式アカウント on Twitter

【『仁王2』マスターアップのご報告】 『仁王2』がマスター承認をいただきました。 さらに進化した「戦国死にゲー」を、皆さまへお届けできることを大変嬉しく思います。 『仁王2』は来月3月12日発売。 早期購入特典もございますので、ご予約はお早めに。 #仁王2 #Nioh2

Team Ninja will now be free to work on post-launch additional content for the PlayStation 4 exclusive action game, which include three major DLC with stories set before the core title.

Each DLC will introduce new weapons, combat abilities, and characters, as well as a range of main story missions and side missions. Those are all included in the Season Pass.

The studio is also looking ahead, and has the will to work on a brand new intellectual property for PlayStation 5 if it has the opportunity. That would mean no Nioh 3 coming shortly, though.

Such considerations will likely depend on Nioh 2‘s commercial performance, which are set to be rather good as the original game has sold 3 million copies and its follow up’s open beta has been download around 700,000 times.


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